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MongoDB vs MySQL: Which Is the Better Database Management System?

With a variety of databases available in the market, users often get into a debate [...]

The Best in Open Source Database Software: Top 10 Picks

Most applications and programs in the modern era need somewhere to store data. For web [...]

How to Migrate Your Website From Joomla to WordPress (in 9 Steps)

With one hundred million downloads, plenty of people are happy with the Joomla platform. However, [...]

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Lossy vs Lossless Compression: A Beginner’s Guide to Both Formats

Digital images are an inherent part of the web, and it’s hard to create any [...]

15 Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins (Compared With Examples)

Every website uses images, and WordPress photo gallery plugins make it easy to display those [...]

Git for Web Development: Get to Know the Typical Workflow of a Project

Web development is intrinsically related to collaboration. Most of the time you’ll be working with [...]

How WP Engine’s Powerful Features Make Work Simpler for Our Team and Our Clients

As part of our customer and technology spotlight series, this post by the team at [...]

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