If you talk about marketing and its use for business organizations then you will undoubtedly come to a conclusion that there not a successful business organization that does not have a good marketing strategy. A good marketing strategy is something that every business organization or brand requires to survive, grow and expand.

Types of Marketing:

There are two basic types of approaches towards marketing 1) Passive marketing and 2) Active marketing. Now, both these types of marketing approaches are very necessary for businesses to achieve a position of success. Preferably a combination of both these types would and is the best approach to go on about it. One of the most influential and effective tools of passive marketing is when a business organization uses Wikipedia pages for its marketing. But first we must understand what passive marketing is all about.

Passive Marketing:

Passive marketing is rather an ingenious way of engaging and influencing your target market. This approach is basically used channel demand rather than creating it. The demand already exists and using passive marketing tools brands and business organizations provide useful information to the target audience, making it easier for them to take desired action.


One way of passive marketing is through Wikipedia pages, as mentioned above. Most businesses use the help of professional Wikipedia page writing services to create pages and create awareness about their business in their target audience.

Taking this approach helps the audience to trust the brand since it is visible on a platform that has a very adept reputation in the world for providing reliable information. By providing information about a brand through Wikipedia, the page also increases their reach and becomes a tool for making the brand visible to a much larger population.