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Feel like adding a video background on your website? Well, why not? Whether you have a product or service to advertise to a client, it’s smart to use a video background. Ultimately, a video background is a part of the design. If it isn’t, the collection of the very best video background WordPress themes below can help. It offers something for everybody. You can be a photographer, boat renter, makeup master, or pet groomer, it doesn’t matter. Take the time to explore the solutions below and find the right fit. We’ve done the hardest work for you and gathered only the best premium WordPress themes here. So, save your time and streamline your site-building work from day one.

The bad? The loading time. If you won’t take care of the video size (too big), it can increase the exit rate on your page. So, don’t take the risk and make sure your video is between 15 to 30 seconds. Well, the smaller the video, the shorter the loading time. As a result, you’ll get happier site users that will stay on your site longer. And it’s a good rule of thumb to use video without audio. Think about your site visitors first. They can land on your site even in the office. Bad idea, right? So, provide the best website experience to give the best impression possible.

Get Inspiration from the Best Video Background WordPress Themes Below

Ozeum | Modern Art Gallery and Creative Online Museum WordPress Theme

Looking to add some flavor to your website? What about a video background? If done properly, it can make your website more eye-catching to viewers. Are you a part of a creative niche? Even better. Give Ozeum a shot. It’s a perfect solution to promote an online museum or exhibition center. Crafted with care, Ozeum is one of the best video background WordPress themes on the list. Powerful and feature-rich, it can give your business a boost. Yet, there’s nothing to stop you from building a business or consulting website with Ozeum. To make that happen, choose between 6 beautiful homepage layouts. Then, save time and make the best use of pre-made pages. Not enough? Go ahead and let Elementor page builder do the hardest site-building work for you. WooCommerce integrated, Ozeum offers you to sell merchandise and digital goods. Along with the Events Calendar functionality, Ozeum supports WPML.

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Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Interested in video backgrounds? Give Helion a try. Without a doubt, it could be a one-stop solution for you. It’s a great choice for fashion, designer, developer, or photographer niche. The best thing is that it’s compatible with the Elementor page builder. Now what? Go and create new page layouts or edit existing ones even if you’re a newbie. Just sip those tricky coding issues. Also, Helion comes with a set of custom shortcodes and widgets. As a result, it will save you a ton of tie right off the bat. Tell a story behind your brand, showcase your achievements and experiences. Forget not to provide testimonials, and introduce your team. Of course, the sliders work with pictures and videos, so you have the opportunity to get really creative here. Want to sell items online? WooCommerce integration is a huge help.

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Drone Media | Aerial Photography & Videography WordPress Theme + RTL

Looking for a way to give a clearer idea about the products and services you offer? Add a video background on the homepage. Sure, it will work. Especially since you have already a lot of content related to your products. With Drone Media, you can give your business a makeover. Fresh and stylish, it works for aerial photography and videography. It’s time to describe your services in a more appealing way. Deal with photo shooting or provide camera operator services? Then Drone Media is a way to go. Forget about your skill gap and build a website on your own like a pro. Feel like changing? A piece of cake. An easy-to-use admin panel is ready to come to the rescue. Besides, you can easily add a shopping cart in the header and make profits. On top of that, Drone Media is compatible with the Gutenberg editor. Feel like trying?

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Rhodos | Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Business

Create a stronger brand by using a video that expresses the essence of your product. Rhodos is a multi-purpose WP template that makes our list of the best video background WordPress themes. Elegant and clean, it fits business & corporate websites. All in all, it comes with 10 unique homepage layouts to get started with. Carve out your niche and go ahead. Not to mention, Rhodos is completely responsive. Recently updated, it features now a public health homepage layout. Sure, Rhodos sits high on the list of the best video background WordPress themes. It fits also lawyer, marketing, financial, or investing consulting web projects. Important to mention, that Rhodos is optimized for a fast page load. As a result, you get happier visitors. At last, you receive lots of shortcodes for making anything from buttons to columns. Integrate Rhodos with the WooCommerce plugin and increase your chance of making sales. 

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Quick Sale | Single Property Real Estate WordPress Theme

Videos work for just about every business. And real estate is no exception. Quick Sale is the other modern WP template to try. It’s a true bounty for real estate websites. Yet, it works also for other business projects. Whether it’s a construction company or office center, you can’t go wrong with Quick Sale. Sure, you’ll want to get as many eyeballs on your content as possible. Thing is, Quick Sale is a powerful solution and it’s easy to get lost in its features. Take advantage of the most beneficial once and move forward. Fret not to manage property or bookings. Also, enjoy the IDX Page – map property search, video tour, and 6 homepage layouts. Besides, it includes over 20 gallery styles and a set of pre-made pages and modules. Finally, you can even create forums for your users. Click Details and enjoy.

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Holy Church | Religion, Charity & Nonprofit WordPress Theme

Feel like creating a professional website? A piece of cake. No matter your niche, there’s definitely a solution for you. And charity is no exception. Today, feast your eyes on Holy Church. It’s the other specimen of the best video background WordPress themes to consider. From now on, enjoy an awesome church hero video background homepage. Holy Church is a tidbit for a non-profit organization, church, volunteer, or funding website. Have no clue where to get started? Pre-made pages would be a great way to go. Want to showcase upcoming events? That’s as simple as that. Just take advantage of the Events Calendar plugin. When it comes to new page layouts building, WPBakery is a huge help. And of course, the possibility to sell things online like literature or gifts is also awesome. Finally, forget not to accept donations. Holy Church lets you do that much easier.

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Royal Event | A Wedding Planner & Catering Company WordPress Theme

Are you a fashion or wedding photographer? Bring your business up a notch with Royal Event. Modern and alluring, it ranks high among the best video background WordPress themes. Afraid of your skill gap? No worries, the WPBakery page builder comes included in the package. It lets you create as many new page layouts as you might need. Also, it’s compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. The latter would be a great help when maximizing your sales potential. Sure, you’ll want to show you the best works and projects. Get creative with the Essential Grid plugin. Make your website a touch screen friendly and enlarge your customer base. Finally, you can add behind the scene videos. Well, whether it’s creating wedding photographs or decorations, show it. And forget not about your blog. It’s time to make a hit.

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Sirene | Yacht Charter Services & Boat Rental WordPress Theme

Does your business relate to anything that deals with destination experiences? Great! Then video background can help create a sense of excitement. Take a user on a journey and create a storyline he/she will want to experience. Save your time and go for Sirene. It works great to present yachts business or boat rental services. Also, it’s a perfect choice for sailing, parasail, regatta, cruise, or yacht charter. Do you offer a boat or yacht booking? Awesome! Sirene is right up your alley. Elegant and modern, it can help you build a nice presentation of your business. On top of that, Sirene is a WPML solution. Also, it includes the Booked Appointments functionality that lets you manage boat reservations. Chances are you have a lot of services or products to offer. Create an elegant catalog and present your objects in a user-friendly way. Take a look for yourself.

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Accalia | Dermatology Clinic & Cosmetology Center Medical WordPress Theme

Are you an owner of a cosmetology center? Entice your visitors to visit it. And the best way is to use a video background. Without a doubt, it’ll give your customer a visual guided tour. Crafted specifically for medical web projects, Accalia is the top dog. Is Accalia worth hype? Sure. First, it works for many web projects. As such, dermatology clinic, hairstyling, wellness hospital, or laser surgery. Second, it lets you organize events like a pro. No matter what niche you’ll end up with, Accalia can make your advantages stand out. Next, it includes a newly added public health homepage. Indeed, you’ll want to add more new page layouts and there’s nothing to stop you. Finally, the WooCommerce plugin gives you the help you need when launching an online store. Let your clients book appointments on your website 24/7 and see miracles happen.

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Auto Parts | Car Parts Store & Auto Services WordPress Theme

Just like any other business, auto services can also benefit from a video background. You can either showcase a new range of products or showcase the work that goes behind. Powerful and fresh, it fits any contemporary automotive website. Also, it’s a perfect choice for an online auto parts store or car repair shop. Without a doubt, it will work well for an auto blog. From now on, lave the technical complications behind. Create new page layouts on a go. All in all, the power of the WPBakery page will come to the rescue. Besides, Auto Parts is also compatible with the GDPR Framework & Gutenberg editor. Want to launch an online store? Make this journey smoother with WooCommerce. Of course, Auto Parts comes with a fully responsive layout. As a result, your users will enjoy your website on all modern mobile devices. So, arent’s these features worth exploring?

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Reisen | Automechanic & Auto Body Repair Car WordPress Theme

Video backgrounds also work very well if you are selling products. Create a video that shows people using your product. Give Resien a check. Modern and powerful, it’s the other WP template to consider. Moreover, it sits high among the best video background WordPress themes for a reason. It will make the site-building work an exciting adventure. A such, Reisen is an excellent choice for car repair and auto service websites. Also, it fits a car collision center or car parts store. All in all, choose between 4 beautiful pre-made homepage layouts and get started. Besides, it includes an online car finder filter, which will be a huge help for your users. Indeed, Reisen is a mobile-friendly option but also it comes with an SEO optimized code. So, expect your website to appear as close to the search engine results as possible. Finally, it supports WPML functionality.

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Vapester | Creative Cigarette Store & Vape Shop WooCommerce Theme

Sell cigarettes? Take advantage of a video background. This can take your branding and user engagement to the next level. Have you experienced Vapester? It’s a nice WP template to try. Initially, it works well for the vapers community and vape store. In fact, it suits also a hookah bar or accessories online shop. First, you can choose between 3 beautiful homepage layouts. Want to make changes? You’re welcome. Take advantage of the Elementor page builder. In fact, it’s one of the most recommended page builders as of today. Second, Vapester supports the WooCommerce plugin. So, start selling vape accessories within minutes. Next, tell a story behind your brand with a set of pre-made pages. Aside from that, the number of customization elements has no end in sight. Make sure your header and footer areas shine. Finally, keep your blog relevant and updated to capture the attention you need.

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Grooming | Pet Shop & Veterinary Physician WordPress Theme

Don’t have a website yet? It’s time to act. Give Grooming a shot. Cute and trendy, it works for pet shop, veterinary, or adoption center. In fact, it suits any other corporate business or community. You just need to make changes and voila your website shines high on the search engine results. It’s the other specimen of the best video background WordPress themes to explore. Built with the WPBakery page builder, it’ll make your site-building work a smooth track. The WooCommerce functionality can mean a dramatic boost in sales. So, take advantage of it. Forget not to showcase your best projects. Whether it’s in before and after format, do it properly. You can also show behind the scenes or a slideshow of the final results. Finally, it’s retina-ready. So even if the video background is high-resolution, it will look great on most devices.

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Wrapping Things Up About the Best Video Background WordPress Themes

As you see, any business can come up with an idea of a video background for the services or the products. One thing you need is a professional website that supports it. That’s where the list of the best video background WordPress themes would be a nice extra. And remember that a video background is not a silver bullet. Different people can react differently to your video. And that’s natural. Your task is to test and control which one will work best for your website visitors. All in all, your goal is to make your site visitors happy.