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If you have wanted to sell corporate memberships or membership programs for teams, then the good news is its now available without any kind of crazy workarounds, right?

Up until now what I’ve done is I’ve used a membership plugin, and then I’ve had to do things like when they purchase, route them to a form. In the form, collect data. Send out custom links, bring them back with a coupon, get them connected up so that they’re part of the same thing.

Even then, unless you write some custom code you have this notion of what happens when the corporation cancels their account and then you still have all these dangling children or employee accounts that you need to kill so that they don’t have access after their company has stopped paying, right?

Well, here’s the good news. All of that’s gone, all the workarounds, all that extra effort.

Selling Team Memberships is Easy

If you’re looking at this page, you’ll see this is a sample site. It has a particular product. It says $50 per member. So you say, “Okay, well that’s pretty great. What if I want to … I can come in here and I can name the team,” right? Then I can say how many seats I want and as I move this up…Let’s go up to nine, right? I’m gonna put in a team name here and hit add to cart. What’s gonna happen is, I’m gonna end up with nine times 50. $450, that’s the price, right?

That’s a team-based product.

Can you do it where you just charge a single fixed amount? Where you just say it’s $1,000 and then you have up to 10 people? Yeah, you can do that too.

This is just showing you the dynamic notion of pricing predicated on how many team seats you’re buying.

You go, “Okay, yeah, but you put it in the cart but what else? Where else does this go?”

Well let me show you.

Because I just bought that actual product before the video started so I’m gonna come over here and take a look at the members. I’m gonna show you, here’s something I purchased. $450 for nine seats. This is what I bought.

Team Members get Protected Content

I paid for it so then I go over into these memberships and you’re going to see protected content. You’re going to see this is what I get access to, immediate access.

Imagine I have a 12 month Mastermind program going on and every month you get access to more videos, whatever. Of course I could do drip delay and all that, but that’s not the point of this particular video.

I have that for a team and you go, “Oh look, there’s one person on my team already.” Yeah, me, right? And you go, “How’d you do that?” Well, the moment I made the order it said, “Hey, you can put yourself on the team or you cannot.” Totally up to you. So I said, “Yes, I’m the owner.” But it says, “Oh, I don’t have any pending invitations,” so you go, “Oh, I want to add a member,” right?

Notice I’m actually only logged in as the account owner here. So I’m not going in the back end of WP admin and looking in the back end of WordPress to figure out how to do this. Nope, it’s right here. I have two ways to do it.

Adding Team Members

I can create very specific member requests, put in their email here. Put in what kind of role they are and hit add member.

Or I can just go to to, “Email, Slack, Twitter, DMs,” however you want to do it, I grab the link and I can just send it to them. When they click that link they’ll get assigned right back in.

How it all works

I’m gonna log back in, if I come into my plugins, right? You’re going to notice this is a WooCommerce store.

You’ve heard me talk forever about WooCommerce memberships. That plugin is here. But there’s a new one called teams for WooCommerce memberships. This teams is what makes this whole thing work.

When I got into WooCommerce and I go to look up memberships, I can go into membership plan and you’ll see here’s my Mastermind product. It comes when I make a purchase of this particular product. I’m gonna take a look at all my products. Here’s the product and this is not shocking to you if you’ve ever used this before. In WooCommerce I can create a product and then based on that product I can tie it to membership plans.

Creating a Team Membership Product

Well, here’s how you do it when you’re doing it with a team membership.

What you’ll notice here it says, “It’s a simple product. In this case it’s virtual.” Then it says, “Team Membership,” and I check the box.

The moment I do Team Membership, I get this whole additional interface: do I want to do it per member, per team? What’s the price per member? Are there minimums and maximums? Then what membership program will they have access too.

When I came over to memberships, I come over to membership plan that’s the plan. I created this plan and I said, “Hey, anybody who buys this product,” so I link that product to this particular membership plan.

Now when I come into this membership plan you’re going to see the whole restrict content. There it is, right?

I have a whole bunch of pages. These are the January, February, March, all the way through December, these are all the pages, 12 pages that are totally protected. All I had to do is come into membership plans and create it.

Connect Product Purchase to Membership Plan

Then I went over to products, created a product that, when you purchase, automatically connects here. Made that a team-based product so that I could connect to teams. Then what you’re gonna see is, presto there’s my team.

When I go into that team I can even see who are the members of that team. I can click in here to do add members this way, too.

This is so smooth and clean, so easy to do that now anytime you want to sell team-based memberships you can do that.

Get Teams for WooCommerce Memberships

Want to build a site like this? Order the Memberships extension for WooCommerce. Then add the teams for WooCommerce memberships. It’s what you’ve been waiting for to sell corporate and any kind of team-based approach to protected content.