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Self-deceit would be to think that just browsing these keep fit templates will make you fit and appealing. But still, this is the first step in self-motivation. And self-motivation is the most powerful thing. With the motivation that comes from the outside you can last only for the period it acts upon you. When it’s gone, you come to the point you were at the very beginning. And inner motivation, or self-motivation as it might be called, last as long as you want it to. It doesn’t depend on some phantom factors, it depends only on you. And thus it is the strongest.

Motivation is the most important thing in sport. But if you are involved in some sport for a long time already, you should definitely think of creating your own website. This is an opportunity to introduce your favorite sport to the world. You should start by browsing some sports and cricket templates and choosing the one that fits the best to what you want to represent. Keep in mind that different sports are associated with different colors. Martial arts and golf should have a totally different website organization and overall website look. So keeping this in mind you need also listen to your intuition. It will tell you which of all sports templates presented in the web fits the best.

Nowadays there are 200 000 sports existing in the world. Some of them are popular and included to the Olympic list, some are being practiced just in small communities. Some of them hold championships and some are just played to relax. Some of them need loads of equipment and some won’t cost you a dime. It was impossible to contain all existing sports into one post. So we have chosen the top sport and cricket WordPress themes we considered to be most popular. If you practice some sport not included in the list, please feel free to mention it in the comments below and we will definitely feature it in our next post!

Clean White Cricket WordPress Theme

Cricket WordPress Theme

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This isn’t our first and last WordPress theme collection related to sports and fitness. If you couldn’t find the right theme on this collection you can look for other awesome sports themes here and fitness themes here. The entire theme collection thing doesn’t stop there and we have over 100 different theme collection available with reviewers for over 4000 different theme reviews.