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You need icons for your design. Whether you are designing websites or apps — be it for small displays or large, creating visually informative content like infographics, printing posters or banners, you will need icons. 
Icons complement and enhance your content. They can retain your reader’s attention by offering breaks from long paragraphs, or on the contrary, add substance to minimalistic content. They can entice users to see what else you have on your website and they, in general, create an inviting, friendly, and professional impression. 
However, not all icons are the same. Mismatched icons can confuse, pixelated icons can cause aversion and bad icon formats can make working with them extremely difficult, both for developers and designers. 
Icons need to be vector-based, and they need to have a single style that creates unity in the design. They need to work well with the most popular design software, and they need to be easily editable and customizable. 
Streamline’s icon library offers just that. With more than 30,000 icons to choose from and all designed in a similar style, Streamline offers the most wide-ranging library of complimenting icons. Furthermore, since all its icons are symbols in the SVG format, it becomes effortless to modify and update them, individually and in bulk, both for designers and developers. This saves time and eliminates frustration. 
Additionally, the fact that Streamline is not only compatible with the majority of the most popular design software but is also tailor-made to be as organized as possible when used with them is a major advantage. We, at Elementor, love this tool. 
Should you be interested, Webalys, the company behind Streamline offers additional products like 50 vector illustrations in multicolor, duotone and monotone, 780 free emojis, and more. 
Streamline’s icons come in different packages: 

  • You can try it for free, with 100 different icons with three different weights. 
  • The essential package includes 4000 icons organized into 14 categories, the price for one weight is $97, for three weights, is $194. 
  • The ultimate package includes 10,500 icons, organized into 53 categories, the price for one weight is $137, for three weights is $274.