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This one is a little tricky. You can’t compete over the keyword “ny”. This is something that is so general, that nearly any page that talks about New York in any way has this keyword. However, this area can give you, along with the keywords explorer tool, an idea as to what keywords to use. In this specific case, we can see the “best restaurants in nyc” keyword. If we didn’t include it before, when we were conducting the keywords search, then we certainly should.
Under “Organic Search”, you can also find results for “Top Pages”. Why not look at the top pages this site has to offer? Look at the structure, at the titles, at what’s being offered. If you are lacking something, try adding it to your page. Additionally, you can see “Competing Domains” and “Competing Pages”, get a better understanding of what the competition is like, work towards creating better content, or, at the very least, nothing worse.
The rest is up to you. There is a lot of information which could be extremely beneficial to you when researching any other topic — be it information, products and services, hi-tech, fashion or anything else you can think of.
This is what the general SEO research process looks like to us. We are certain that there are numerous other ways, approaches and thoughts, but this is how we do it, and this is why we recommend this tool.