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Two-factor authentication (2FA), also called multiple-factor or multiple-step verification, is an authentication mechanism to double-check that your identity is legitimate.
It’s something that will keep your accounts even more secured and offer you an extra layer of protection, besides passwords. It’s hard for cybercriminals to get the second authentication factor. This will drastically reduce their chances to succeed.
2FA is a must-have for: 

  • Your work or personal email
  • Your cloud storage accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox)
  • Online banking
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Communication apps (Slack, Skype)
  • Online shopping (PayPal, Amazon)
  • And even for your password management apps
  • Your website

WebARX Two-Factor Authentication For WordPress
If you are searching for two-factor authentication for WordPress, you have come to the right place, because with WebARX you can keep all the security-related features on one dashboard, including the 2FA feature.
The implementation of two-factor authentication using WebARX has been made extremely easy.
two-factor authentication for WordPressScreenshot from WebARX Hardening tab
To enable two-factor authentication for WordPress with WebARX you need to create an account on WebARX portal, install the firewall on your WordPress site (takes about a minute) and then log into your WordPress site.
two-factor authentication for WordPress
The next step is to navigate to Settings -> Security on your WordPress dashboard menu.
Click on Login Protection and after brute-force settings, you will see the two-factor authentication box.
Enable the two-factor authentication on your WordPress site by ticking the green box and scrolling down to save settings.
After that, you need to navigate on the “Edit My Profile” page, to find the code for the 2FA configuration. You can navigate to the page easily by clicking the linked here in the text seen above in the screenshot.
The next step is to download the Google Authenticator app. You can find the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

If you have finished installing the app open the app and scan the code on your “Edit My Profile” page or copy and paste the key to the app.
It should immediately start generating login-keys for you after the scan or code input has been done correctly.
Now log out from your WordPress site and go to the login page to test if it worked. You should see a login page that looks like this:
Now log in to your account by adding the code Googe Authenticator app provides. Is should look like on the picture below.
So every time you are logging into your WordPress site while you have the two-factor authentication enabled, you should keep your phone close to add the code in addition to your password in the login process.
If you have any issues in the process or need extra help, don’t hesitate to turn to WebARX support. You can find the chat option on the bottom left on WebARX portal and website.
What Other Hardening Options Does WebARX Have?
In addition to 2FA, WebARX also has hardening features like login rate limiting, GDPR cookie and privacy policy, reCAPTCHA (invisible and normal), user activity logging, HTTP security headers and more.

Why You Should Choose WebARX?
The main reason why you should choose WebARX two-factor authentication for your WordPress site is that it is already coming together with all other security features you need for keeping your WordPress site safe from hackers.
Why is one plugin/software better than multiple? The reason is simple – the main threat as we see is not WordPress itself, but its’ wide range of plugins that are used by WordPress users. And to bring out some statistics98% of WordPress vulnerabilities are related to plugins.
Using multiple plugins can be overwhelming, learning how to use them and tweaking the setting on each one takes also a lot of time. They also need to be constantly updated and monitored.
Using WebARX will eliminate the need for multiple plugins. That’s why all the main features that are needed for security can be found on WebARX portal and WordPress plugin.
So before looking for separate plugins, consider choosing an option to have all the needed features on one dashboard to save time and money. You can start with WebARX here.
Full list of WebARX features for WordPress sites:

Enable 2FA on your WordPress site now and get your extra layer of protection.
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