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Here at Elementor, we kinda like the yearly roundups. Why? Because we get to enjoy the best designs and get inspired all over again. So we decided to review one of our and the community’s favorite columns — the monthly showcase. Doing so meant choosing just 10 top Elementor sites, from over 120 superb contenders, which we reviewed over the past year.

Our showcase first appeared in June 2018. Since then, it’s become something of a tradition, generating anticipation at the beginning of every month. During 2019 alone, our users submitted more than 2,450 sites — that’s an average of over 200 sites every month, and that’s a lot of tough choices to make.

And where do these 120 sites that we showcased over the past year, come from? They hail from 30 different countries, spanning across 5 continents! It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that 34 of the 120 entries originate in the United States, given the size of the US market and the number of Elementor users there.

In the second place, with 14 entries, is Germany, followed by Israel with 13. Australia came in fourth place with 9 representatives, and Spain closes the first quintet with 7 finalists.

Selecting the top sites for 2019 was anything but simple. Our entire team of designers and myself spent hours discussing and, admittedly bickering a little (you know what they say, “opinions are like…”), but in the end, we came up with 10, one of which has received a double prize for also being selected by our lovely community, of course!

And so, the big question remains: Which site has the honor of being the number one Elementor website for 2019?

Scroll down to find out…