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Meetup leader: Helmut Goebel

Topic: 8th Meetup – Dynamic content with Elementor

Helmut Goebel, meetup leader: “Yesterday night we had our 8th Elementor Meetup in Munich. For the 2nd time, Andreas Heinrich from Heinrich Marketing hosted the event. This time Daniel Rose and Andreas Hartmann talked about dynamic content, an extensive and complex subject. They present tools, like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Custom Post UI (CPT UI), JetEngine, Pods, Toolset and a couple of others and how they integrate with Elementor. My learning from this was you can pull CSS-classes into every widget, section, and column dynamically – awesome feature!

The subject was very extensive, so we had only a little time to answer questions and discuss problems. But after the meetup we went to an Italian restaurant, so we could have an extensive discussion in small groups there. 15 of the 32 attendees occupied a long table. It really was a great meetup.”

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