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The homepage is the gateway to every article you have. No matter how many articles you have, the heavy focus on navigation will make it easy for your reader to read each and every post you have. 

The header and footer both give a navigational menu, as well as a subscription call to action via a form and a popup. 

The header, in addition to offering easy navigation, creates an illusion of a border, which focuses the eye on the content. 

The footer is exceptionally large. It includes the same navigational menus as the header. Besides, it includes the magazine’s logo to reinforce brand awareness and a newsletter subscription form. These will be present on every page, and together with the header, will encourage more readers to subscribe and provide the best way to do it. 

Scattered in the body of the page, there are numerous links to the many different posts, which are grouped under different categories, like the “popular posts,” “new posts,” “top-read posts,” etc. The enticing pink-lettered “read more” or “explore more” call to actions will further give access to the proposed categories.

Note how the white background, makes it easy to read the content, and how the pink color focuses the reader’s attention to the key areas. 

All the different post types and designs were created by using the posts widget for the purpose of showing just how versatile and flexible the widget is. You can choose and create almost any design that fits your needs.