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We purposely chose to dedicate this template to a specific destination, Paris. Most travel agencies work locally around a specific location, and we wanted to create a template as true to real travel sites as possible.

When building a travel website, or any website for that matter, it is important to convey the business’ unique selling proposition (USP) right at the start. The two headlines: ‘Exclusive Private Tours’ and ‘Discover the Secrets of Paris’, both describe the essence of the business as well as its target audience.

Below the hero, we placed a contact form, offering the potential tourist an easy way to get a quote for a specific travel destination.

If you plan to build a booking or hotel chain site, the same section design can be customized to become a search engine for deals or destinations, similar to sites like Airbnb and

As you scroll down the homepage, you’ll notice the call to action section, decorated with one of Elementor’s recently released fancy dividers.

It is our practice to include several versions on each page of our kit, to give you greater choice for your preferred style. This is why we included 3 different types of CTA sections.

The homepage ends with a gallery of Paris imagery, befitting the importance of visuals in travel sites.

As with the rest of the pages, the homepage uses an elegant serif font ‘Playfair Display’, a perfect fit for Paris. It also uses ‘Dosis’, and the two fonts pair nicely.