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Let’s take a look at the homepage. 

At first glance, you can see that the top part of the homepage was designed to capture the user’s attention immediately upon landing, with a clear message and metrics regarding the success of the firm. By providing some figures about your success, your visitor will certainly view your firm as a results-oriented business and subconsciously trust it more than others. 

By scrolling down, you will encounter more content and info about the firm. This includes information about partners’ testimonials and posts, with sections clearly divided by interchanging backgrounds — dark blue and white. 

You will also notice that on the left-hand side, there is an Icon List widget, with the content divided into sections that are easily accessible with a simple click (as opposed to scrolling). This was done to improve the user’s experience in terms of navigation and access to information. You will have the option to define these anchors and make the most of it in any way you see fit.

Take notice of how the inserted gold color in key strategic locations, bolsters the professional and prestigious look of the page. 

By landing or accessing this page, your user will get the right tone and the most relevant information about your company.