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Many of our readers have requested a real estate website template kit, and now it’s finally ready and available! As many real estate professionals know, prospective property buyers are always looking for more information about the properties on the market, and a polished, professional-looking website can go a long way in their buying process. 

Our team of designers has created this template kit which caters to real estate business owners (and business owners at large) who are looking to build a website that showcases the properties they can offer to prospective buyers. This type of website focuses exclusively on the characteristics and details of each property, in order to draw clients’ attention to the uniqueness and overall quality of each one.

In terms of visual design, the template’s general look and feel is clean, simple, and full of neutral color tones. This design choice was made in order to put the crisp, large-sized photographs center stage. The underlying goal, as we described, is that the architectural details and beauty of each property be as accentuated and visible as possible.

Rest assured, although this month’s template kit is geared towards real estate business owners, the kit’s design is highly versatile and flexible so that businesses of all industries can use it for their company websites. Some examples of these business-types are such as law offices, marketing agencies, consulting firms, and so on. Of course, the options are endless. What’s also very helpful about the template is that its flexibility is true for the design choices as well. While we chose neutral, warm colors for the kit, these colors can be easily swapped with other color palettes that will still suit the simple yet engaging square-shaped layout.