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With our monthly template kits, we want to make sure that we offer our users a broad spectrum of designs. This is why we decided on releasing a Gym template kit, which is quite different from the previous Digital Agency kit.
The previous kit was minimalistic and simple, whereas this one is bold and includes vibrant colors and striking elements. Since we are talking about exercising and sports, we’ve incorporated movement into many of the elements in the templates. We’ve also included many images since sports and recreation fall under the visual category.
The bright blue and yellow neon colors contribute to the bold design. They also correspond to the colors that athletes are often seen wearing in gyms across the world.The typography is also appropriate to our design, and features ‘Racing Sans One’.The bold, vivid design of the kit might make it hard to customize it for other fields. However, it may be an excellent fit for topics like coaching, yoga, and other activity-related areas.
Let’s go over the assets and see what it includes.