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The next question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not we need all of these elements? 

Does the big yellow circle help to convey the idea of our landing page?

When we think of a dance school, a circle is hardly among the first things that come to mind. 

Here is where we need to be empathic or risk distracting or confusing the viewer. This is what we refer to as ‘visual noise’.

Visual noise is made up of all the elements that don’t really have conceptual or formal justification. Removing these elements will clarify our composition, making a stronger impression on our users. 

Having established our design concept will prove extremely helpful at this point

Obviously, the big yellow circle is there to contrast the dancer against the dominant background in this section. However, this purple background fails to relate to the concept of flowing motion or rigidity. No matter what color we use, this background does not promote our design concept in any way. If it’s not promoting the main idea, it doesn’t belong. 

Once we’ve removed the purple background there’s no need for the yellow circle as it does nothing for our design concept either. The same is true of the two smaller circles to the side of the dancer, that are neither rigid nor flowing.

Removing the superfluous elements not only clarifies the design, it enhances our design concept. Released from the constraints of visual noise, the image of the dancer is free to ‘flow’ more effectively.