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Earlier this year, Backlinko and BuzzSumo published their analysis of 912 million blog posts, proving that list posts do exceptionally well on social media. However, the level of readers’ engagement with lists does not end with sharing.
Even the basic format of a TOC will break up the monotony of block paragraphs and create some of that much-needed space. It requires the reader to pause and reassess what is in front of them. A TOC, indeed any anchored list, also gives the reader the freedom to jump ahead, jump back, even revisit the page at some future point.
Lists are great when you want to summarise your main points, or list pros and cons.
Don’t forget that as human beings we tend to enjoy lists because they help us organize detailed information so that we can remember it better.
This is true for any list: numbered lists, bullet lists – following these list, trying to commit them to memory is, again, part of the reader-engagement we’re striving for.
In fact, you might want to consider turning one of your detail heavy paragraphs into a list.
Remember that long-form posts are written and designed for longevity. We want readers to enjoy coming back to it and locating the information easily.