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The last thing that needs setting up is the store. The store is a web-page or a place to display the goods for sale. We’ll do this by adding a new page and choosing the Hello Theme, as it gives the most flexibility and speed. In the Settings, we’ll hide the page title and use a template that we prepared earlier. 

Now we need to add a section that will allow visitors to purchase our product. The first thing we need to do is add an anchor widget and name it ‘Order.’ Then, we’ll choose the ‘Order Now’ button and add the name of the anchor to the link box. We should to this to any ‘Order Now’ button on the page.

Next, we’ll add a section with two columns on our page. In the left column, we’ll place the image, and in the right column, we’ll place the header widget, align it to center and duplicate it. In the Top Heading, we’ll type the title of the book, and in the next heading, we’ll type the price of our product. 

Lastly, we need to add the ‘Custom Add to Cart’ WooCommerce widget that was added to our library of widgets and customize it. We will also want to make sure that it’s a functional button by selecting the correct product in the Product Section of the Content tab. 

That’s all, folks. We have created a shopping cart page, and a checkout page, and they are set and ready to go. Make sure that you optimize them to other devices via the responsive view feature.