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Show initiative. Don’t spam, ramble, or post or just for the sake of it. You will be ignored and possibly banned.

Post material that will inspire and spark interest. 

The occasional poll goes a long way especially if it generates a lengthy discussion among the more active members.

No matter what, your tone must remain positive and empathetic. The last thing you want is to be misinterpreted as condescending. 

This is also true when talking about third parties. 

Don’t bad-mouth or vilify your competitors or other products. Even if you have a strong opinion about a certain design of theirs or photoshop job that looks about as realistic as a B-movie monster from the 50s, remember your goal and be professional.

Should you feel the need to deride or belittle, try to keep it to yourself. It doesn’t belong in the group.

Be active but don’t hog all the attention. 

Always treat others with respect; nobody likes a troll. 

Refrain from those heated internet debates if you can see that they’re turning into an argument. Even if you feel you can win the argument, it will still hurt your reputation and your personal brand. This kind of behavior comes across as very unprofessional.

The same goes for joining the hoards of members leaping at posts like “Looking for someone to build my website” — We all know that it won’t get you the job. 

All it will do is make you appear as desperate for work, which will diminish your authority, and respect among the other group members.

A little competition can be good, but never approach anything with a competitive, zero-sum game, mindset.

Instead, adopt the mindset that there is plenty of work for everyone. That the stronger and more valuable the group becomes, the better the business gets for everyone involved.

Keep an open mind and treat this as a valuable learning experience. 

Understand that every post as an opportunity for communicating, as well as for research. 

There is no better way to get to know the needs and challenges of your potential clients.

You can even take what you’ve learned from these clients, turn it around, and use it to your advantage. One person’s greatest challenge could be your most rewarding homepage copy.

That’s exactly what we did for the One Page Website masterclass, where we noticed an interest in the community for using the hello theme and theme builder.