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Calling all WordPress product creators who are selling through Freemius – today we are officially launching the “We Got Your Back” program, which will help you handle all of the things you prefer to avoid in your business!

I can see you doubting and sneering at what I just wrote in that 1st paragraph, but if you’re selling your WordPress plugins and themes with Freemius, then you already know that we were not kidding when we said that we would truly become your business partners and do everything we can to empower your business and to push it forward, simply because YOUR success is literally our success.

As you know, the Freemius service was created in order to handle everything that might be considered “meta” in running an online business that sells WordPress plugins and themes. In other words, everything that’s not about coding the actual product:

  • Checkout
  • Licensing
  • Recurring payments
  • Automatic updates
  • Taxes (EU VAT)
  • Trials
  • Affiliation
  • Cart recovery
  • Decreasing the uninstall rate
  • Collecting user-feedback
  • Customer communication
  • Etc.

As you can see, another thing we were not kidding about was when we said: “Your WordPress business headache? Gone.” 🙂

Continuing in a similar vein, the “We Got Your Back” club aims to handle a few additional non-coding-related tasks in your business for you.

First, Your Design And Branding

The initial pilot will focus very specifically on design and branding. We are going to give you exclusive access to high-end professional design resources, which will be custom-crafted for your product and business. Those will help you position your brand more professionally, which will, consequently, attract better customers and increase your bottom-line.

In the future, we plan to include other perks like SEO audits, conversion rate optimization, pricing consulting, as well as discounts for popular services in the WP plugins and themes community.

Do you sell your WordPress products with Freemius? You are now eligible for custom-crafted design & branding via the “We Got Your Back Club”

Is Your Business Eligible for The “We Got Your Back” Program?

Before you apply to join our “We Got Your Back” club and to receive all of the custom perks we are preparing for WordPress product businesses, please check the perks list below and make sure that your business’ gross sales with Freemius meet the required minimum.

Freemius "We Got Your Back" Club - Design Perks

To clarify: we sum your business growth from all of the products you sell with Freemius under a single Freemius developer account. For example: if you’ve got a $2,000 gross income from one product sold with Freemius and an additional $8,000 gross income from another product sold with Freemius – you can add those up to be eligible for a custom Marketing Emails Template Design worth $10K.

I’m Eligible – How Do I Apply?

Next, all you need to do to apply for “We Got Your Back” is email [email protected] using the subject “Please scratch my back” with the following info:

  1. Your product(s) name(s) and Freemius ID(s)
  2. Your products’ total gross sum (you can check that in the Dashboard section by changing the from-date to the date you started to sell with Freemius)
  3. The perks that you are interested in for your business

Okay, Now What?

You can chillax and start preparing yourself for all the new incoming customers, and we’ll contact you within a few business days and let you know if your product got accepted to the pilot and inform you about the next steps of communication with your designated design specialist.

At any rate, there’s going to be no downtime for your product business during this design process – we know how to optimize on-the-go!

No time to lose

Please note, the current pilot is limited to 30 sellers and 15 spots are already taken, so you’ll need to hurry up with your application.