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If you are looking to grow your business, there is no other channel that has a proven track record for return on investment. It is easily one of the best and inexpensive ways to market your business. The return on investment of email marketing 38:1, so on average for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you earn $38. 

While ROI is important, what matters even more is the ability to grow your business. Email marketing is consistently one of the most powerful marketing channels for small businesses. There is no better channel to help you understand, connect, and build relationships with your customers and potential customers. This is one of the main reasons email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Twitter and Facebook combined.

Email allows you to continue the conversation with your customers by providing additional relevant content as well as promotions based on their interests — allowing you the opportunity to turn first-time visitors into lifelong customers. 

Brand consistency is also easily achieved with email. Your website and your content is what originally inspired someone to provide you with their contact information so they obviously like what you have to offer. Email allows you to keep your logos, colors, brand values, and personality consistent with your website or landing pages.

Integrating AWeber with Elementor creates a seamless experience to collect visitor information, better understand your audience, and then tailor automated email marketing campaigns to each customer.