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We are excited today to officially announce our third premium WordPress plugin, Novashare! It’s a simple, fast, and lightweight social sharing plugin developed from the ground up with a performance-focused approach to increase your shares.

Just like with our other plugins, our goal is to build plugins that solve problems. You can literally be up and running with Novashare in a matter of minutes and rest easy knowing it won’t bring your site to a crawl.

I’ll take you on a deep dive into Novashare below and explain why we made it and how it can help your site.

The Story Behind Novashare

The story of Novashare actually starts back in December of 2018. At the time, I had gone through probably my eighth social sharing plugin. While things worked OK, I was just never completely satisfied with the results. Some plugins did certain things amazing while missing the bar entirely on others. I was tired of shuffling through cluttered UIs and having to worry that the social share counts might be slowing down my site.

To be honest, after using amazing products like GeneratePress, my expectations for WordPress products, in general, have risen quite a bit. This is a good thing though, as it raises the bar for all developers. And this, in turn, benefits users and the WordPress ecosystem as a whole.

Quality-driven WordPress plugins and themes help raise the bar for all developers. And this, in turn, benefits users and the WordPress ecosystem as a whole. 👍Click to Tweet

So in 2018, my brother and I decided to start our own social media sharing plugin. We are never great at picking names. The name Novashare is a spin-off of Novacom. This is a fictional broadcasting company in Adventures in Odyssey, a Christian radio drama that we both grew up on as kids. If you are pouring hundreds or even thousands of hours into something, it’s important to also have some fun with it.

At the time, we were both already swamped with our other plugins and both working full-time jobs. So we actually just sat on the idea, name, and domain for a couple of years. Come 2020, we both decided to finally pursue our projects and plugins full-time.

We immediately started working on the development of Novashare as we knew it was going to take a lot of work. To the user, a social sharing plugin looks pretty simple, but there are a lot of moving parts.

Three months and hundreds of Slack calls later, 😅 we finally had a working version and started running it on all of our own sites. This allowed us to be guinea pigs and make the improvements and fixes that we needed before releasing it on May 4, 2020.

I’m really excited about our finished product and I hope all of you will be as well. We didn’t plan on releasing it in the middle of a pandemic, but we aren’t going to let that stop us.

Novashare Features

Below I’ll dive into some of the most important features in Novashare and those I think you’ll probably be most interested in.

Share Buttons and Counts

Increase your social visibility by adding share buttons on your site’s most popular content. This includes blog posts, pages, custom post types, etc.

Share counts aren’t for everyone and to be honest, they have become less important over the years as networks deprecate their APIs. But we still wanted to deliver both options. So you encourage people to share by showing single or total share counts from Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, and Pinterest. Don’t want share counts? No problem, turn them off and you are left with fast static share buttons.

Novashare social share buttons

Novashare social share buttons

Novashare social share buttons

We are running Novashare on all of our sites, including woorkup. If you are on a desktop, you can see our floating share bar on the left-hand side of the screen. If you are on mobile, we have inline share buttons enabled at the bottom of our content.

Novashare includes share buttons for the following networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Buffer
  • Reddit
  • Pocket
  • Email
  • Print
  • Whatsapp
  • Tumblr
  • VK
  • Xing
  • Flipboard
  • Telegram
  • Mix
  • Yummly

Lightweight and Blazing Fast

With Novashare, our scripts don’t run where they shouldn’t. This was a big pet peeve of ours with other social sharing plugins. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we developed our Perfmatters plugin in the first place. Regardless, if you don’t have it selected to load on the homepage, then it shouldn’t load there.

Third-party icons are great, but they also come with a performance cost. Novashare instead uses inline SVG icons. This means there are no additional libraries or DNS lookups needed just for the icons. Yay!

Anyone who has done any database or performance optimization knows how troublesome the wp_options table can be over time. It can kill your site’s performance if you aren’t careful. Therefore, we use custom tables designed for scaling of large and high-traffic WordPress sites. The bulk of the data is stored separately.

Just how lightweight is Novashare? It’s under 5 KB on the front-end! In other words, our plugin is tiny. Don’t care about share counts? No API calls run period if they aren’t enabled.

Novashare file sizes

Novashare file sizes

Novashare file sizes

Easy UI

A lot of plugins have their own fancy control panels. We love great design, but when it comes to functionality on the back-end, it usually means you have to waste time learning a new UI. We go a different route with not just Novashare, but all of our plugins.

We take advantage of native WordPress styling. This makes it fast and easy to jump right in and start configuring settings.

  • Enable inline share buttons, floating, or both.
  • Choose where to display icons (posts, pages, custom post types)
  • Pick from 15+ different networks.
  • Change the size, shape, and color. Match the branding of your site in seconds.
  • Display social share counts: individual, totals, or both.
  • Set breakpoints where you want the share buttons to appear on mobile.

Novashare UI

Novashare UI

Novashare UI

Scales Across All Devices

Novashare is responsive and works on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones. Set breakpoints above and below where you want to hide your share buttons.

You can configure any type of scenario:

  • Show floating share buttons on desktop but only inline button on mobile (top or bottom of content or both).
  • Show floating share buttons on desktop that scale down to floating share buttons on mobile (stick to the bottom of the screen).
  • Show only inline buttons on desktop (top or bottom of content or both).
  • Show only inline buttons on mobile (top or bottom of content or both).
  • Show only floating share buttons on desktop.
  • Show only floating buttons on mobile.
Novashare mobile

Novashare mobile

Novashare mobile

Match Your Branding

Every site is different and you should have options. Novashare lets you match your WordPress site’s branding with just a few simple clicks.

Choose between three different shapes and sizes. You want your buttons to stand out, but not necessarily clash.

Novashare shapes and sizes

Novashare shapes and sizes

Novashare shapes and sizes

Choose any colors you want. Below is an example of Novashare on woorkup staying inline with the site’s color scheme.

Novashare on woorkup

Novashare on woorkup

Novashare on woorkup

Click to Tweet Block

Over the past year, we have fallen in love with the block editor and now use it for everything. It’s the future of WordPress! In fact, the entire Novashare website is built using blocks.

Novashare comes with a Click to Tweet block you can easily add to any post by clicking “Add block” in the editor.

Hey look, I’m a blue tweet box. Please tweet me. 🙏Click to Tweet

If shortcuts are more your thing, you can quickly insert the block by typing /nova…

The block features the following:

  • Choose between three color themes
  • Change the default CTA
  • Change the CTA position
  • Remove the URL or the username.
  • Option to hide hashtags.

Still using the Classic Editor? We also have a customizable shortcode you can use.

Click to Tweet shortcode in Novashare

Click to Tweet shortcode in Novashare

Click to Tweet shortcode in Novashare

Analytics and Link Shortening

We believe in keeping things simple but still giving you the data you need as a busy site owner or marketer. Some of these features include:

  • Enable and configure UTM parameters so you can track which social networks are driving the most traffic to your site.
  • Short and not distracting URLs by enabling link shortening with Bitly.
  • Analyze your link click data in Bitly’s dashboard.

Novashare analytics and link shortening

Novashare analytics and link shortening

Novashare analytics and link shortening

Support from the Developers

There is nothing worse than subpar support. That is why we will never outsource this. With Novashare, you get help directly from us, the developers of the plugin. We have over 19 years of experience working with WordPress on a daily basis.

Developing plugins isn’t just a side hobby for us; it’s what we do full-time. We are continuously releasing new features and fixing bugs. We utilize our own plugins on every site we use. This is the perfect scenario for everyone, because like you, we also want new features!

Your feedback is also very important to us. If you have an idea or suggestion, we would love to hear it. Make sure to check out our current feature requests and the changelog for Novashare.


Quality-driven WordPress plugins take a lot of time to develop and support. It’s also important to us that we continually add new features and improvements over time based on user feedback, and those that align with our focus on performance. That’s how we determine our pricing.

You can choose a license that best suits you:

  • $29.95 for 1 site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • $69.95 for 3 site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • $149.95 for an unlimited site license. Includes 1 year of support and updates. This also supports multisite.

And yes, the plugin comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. For a limited time though, use our coupon code WOORKUP for 15% off!

Kind words from a happy customer.

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley

Scott Hartley
Founder, SERT Media

I don’t commonly pick up and purchase a premium plugin as quickly as I did Novashare. This plugin is not only lightweight, it also offers a rich feature set for about 1/4 the weight of Social Warfare. While it’s not a large difference, if you were still using ShareThis or AddThis, or AddToAny, this plugin will be faster. I am currently swapping all of my sites over to it and some of my maintenance clients who could stand to see some additional improvement. – SERT Media


We hope you enjoy the Novashare plugin as much as we do. If you have any questions about the plugin, feel free to drop them in the comments below. Or for a faster response, send us a message via our contact page.

If you are already enjoying Novashare, a friendly reminder that our affiliate program is up and running. Happy sharing!

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