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The Template Library was first introduced soon after we launched Elementor, and has been a great tool for educating our users regarding the proper use of Elementor.
Here’s a partial list of reasons why we feel these kits will help Elementor users of all levels, regardless of their level and proficiency:
Understand the best practices for using Elementor and get inspired. Even if you are not the template-using type, you can still use templates as a source of inspiration for your own design.
Build an entire website. Use this kit to build an entire site where all the elements and pages fit perfectly together.
Discover our latest features. We did our best to create versatile templates that take full advantage of Elementor and its widgets and features. Inside the kit. you will find clever uses for popups, motion effects, blend modes, and other key features.
Enjoy templates built by Elementor’s own designers. Delivering this template kit allows us to showcase our own understanding of the very tool we built.
Professional designers, get a jumpstart with your design. Template kits provide a great shortcut for all the grunt work that accompanies the design process.
Less skilled designers, this will get you sorted! If you are starting out with Elementor, or lack the experience to create high-end designs, this template set will certainly come in handy.