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The prominence of an e-Commerce store depends on its caliber to attract users and sell the services or products. But still, many business owners neglect this and focus exclusively on their home page. It is no doubt that the homepage of an e-Commerce store plays a vital role. However, it’s the product page that is majorly responsible for making sales. A poorly optimized product page would be the biggest catalyst for any downfall.

Below-mentioned are some tips that can guide you through establishing your business via the product page.

Catchy title

As a business owner, your prime motto should be to create an engaging title, to optimize your product page. This will help you to target potential users.

Speed of the page

If your e-Commerce website is slow loading, it can drive away from the user. You should develop a site that can be easily loaded; this will enable your user to navigate through your store quicker and purchase what they like.

Speed matters

Therefore, speed matters when you talk about the success of your website.


In order to improvise the optimization and usability, you need to implement breadcrumbs. This will help your user to navigate through your site and keep track of the account. Unlike any other business website, an online site must be well-organized.

Optimization of color

Colors add vibrancy to the website. Colors divert the attention of the users to the elements that need to be focused on. Try using complementary colors as it will aid your users to pay attention to an important facet as well as will enhance the user experience.

Mobile friendly

We are all well aware of the fact that over billions of people use smartphones. Therefore, more than half of the traffic comes from mobile phones. Google recognizes and therefore, has introduced the Mobile-First Index update. So, develop your product page that is mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly

Note: if you ignore the mobile responsiveness, it will surely penalize your product page in SERP.

Simple cart

To expand the optimization of your product page, the user should get the preview of the items that they have saved in their cart on the page. A quick alert preview of the cart will lead your users to check out in a much quicker manner.

Image of high-quality with the right image

It is always good to use high-quality images as it will entice the user as well as make your product lucrative. Using a high-quality image is just enough. You should use the right image to optimize your product page.

Capability of Zoom-in

Another charming feature that plays a vital role to optimize your web page and improve the user experience is the zoom-in feature. This feature allows the user to hover over the image and get a closer glim. It will target users and improve conversion.

Zoom in

Updating the pages of the product

It is essential to update your product page often. This will benefit your users as well as increase your ranking in Google. If you continuously update your product page, this will ensure your users with the latest updates concerning the products, pricing, and shipping, etc.

A Magento developer will also focus on the downloadable content with the core features.

In short, a Magento developer will design and develop a webpage that is optimized. Therefore, always focus on hiring a proficient Magento developer who is well-established and has prior experience.

Link to official web pages

Linking the official page with the product page will enhance the credibility. The users can visit your site if they need to inquire or attain more information. This will gain prominence among your competitors.

Note: Many manufacturing industries have linked their official website to their product page.


Since there are numerous parts, pages, and content in an online store, the consistency must be maintained throughout the web page. From content to design, it should be well organized and maintained.

Dissimilarity in the product page will divert the users as well as reduce the optimization of your business’s product page.

Optimization of your product page

Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in the conversion rate. They are the building blocks and will embellish your business in the long run.

Instill the urgency

It has been noted that the users can be quite impulsive when buying the products in a whim.


For instance, you can display the clearance sale or certain sales. It will target potential users as they will fall back and motivate them to purchase the product.

Customization of product

As humans, we have different tastes and mindsets. Some prefer a darker color, and some prefer pastel. Allowing your user to see your products in different shades and color, shapes, and sizes will encourage the user to make the purchase.

With specific keywords and filters, the user can find the choices according to their own preferences.

Final Note

In conclusion, implement the above-mentioned tips to develop your e-commerce store, it will surely enhance your visibility online and affect your conversion rate drastically. They are simple measures yet important steps that will integrate your product page.

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