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2020 has been a tough year for a lot of people, and many are looking for a way to help others. For years, GiveWP has made it easy to turn any WordPress site into a fundraising platform. With the newest 2.7 update, it’s even easier to raise money for people in need.

Donation Form Templates

The team has updated the way donation forms look. Now instead of inheriting style from your theme, you can fully customize the way forms look. The user can change colors and text without using CSS.

Right now, there is one streamlined template available but the team is working on adding more.

Accept Donations Through Stripe Using Different Accounts

The update also allows users to accept Stripe donations through different accounts on one website. If you are an organization that manages different grants or groups, you can now use per-form Stripe donations.

Like the donation form template, this update is working toward making donating easier. People are more likely to give if it’s incredibly conveient. Now, your form will look even more intentional, and you’ll be able to manage multiple accounts at once.

GiveWP 2.7 is out now.

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