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The production of video content is the “engine” of an effective Internet marketing campaign for your website. Whichever the target audience of your website is, your customers will find the reading of the digital copy quite tiresome and time-consuming. It is much more convenient to watch a bright and engaging video.

Why Should You Post Video Content?

People love watching videos. There are areas of business, such as software production, online games, e-learning, etc., that cannot even do without video content. It is more difficult to find niches that do not require video content production.

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If you still doubt whether to invest in video marketing and post videos on the corporate website, there are a couple of reasons to change your mind:

  • Search engines consider videos as useful content on the site; therefore, they rank such sites higher. This gives you a huge advantage over your key competitors and allows you to boost your organic traffic volumes;
  • With the help of a video, you can present products, demonstrate how they work, and provide the most crucial information to your potential customers;
  • It takes a certain amount of time to watch a video, which will allow you to keep visitors on the site longer. So you will hardly have problems with high bounce rates and user behavior on the site;
  • With a professionally made branded video, you can shape the image of your organization. Posting video content on your website will make your products or services easy to remember;
  • You can attract an additional target audience to your online resource. Users will watch a video on YouTube and follow the link to your website.

Of course, video content can work for you and bring the max value to your website. The only condition is that it should be of high quality.

What Video Content Converts at Max?

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A random amateur video will hardly perform as well as professionally made video content. If you want to achieve the best results, then there are some recommendations for creating video content for you to follow:

  • The video should be unique. Copying videos from other sites will not do any good for you. Both visitors and search engines will immediately detect it and impose sanctions on your site;
  • The video should be interesting. If you are going to launch a boring movie that doesn’t match user interests or needs, you will hardly benefit from large-scale conversion rates;
  • The video should be short as this greatly increases the chances of people watching it. If you need to show a lot of information, divide the video into several clips. Whoever is interested will watch all of them;
  • The video should be high quality. At this point, we are talking about both technical and visual characteristics. The best option is to use professional equipment and free video editors with no watermark for video production;
  • The video should have a semantic markup. It will provide search engines with additional information about your video, so you shouldn’t neglect this feature;
  • The video should have an optimized title and description so that both people and search robots could immediately understand what the story is about;
  • There should be social media buttons below the video so that visitors could share it with others;
  • There shouldn’t be an automatic playback in your video. Your site visitors will hardly like this feature and will consider your video content as intrusive ads.

Therefore, if you want to integrate video production into your marketing strategy, then you should approach it professionally. Otherwise, it would turn into stranded investments. You can always check how well a video performs by using special tools for web analysis.

What Video Types Perform the Best?

The main purpose of video in content marketing is to solve a user’s problem. Therefore, it is important to select the required video content formats. You should also understand that choosing a single format is a mistake as other types of videos can also be useful to users, and there are various video formats for targeting audiences. So make sure you cover the main ones.

1. Corporate Movie

It is one of the most common formats. In just a couple of minutes, the video can tell the story of the company or its founders and clearly demonstrate what you do. Company stories are inspiring, so it always makes sense to show where you started and where you came from after a while, what influenced your business, what your team looks like.

Storytelling can melt the ice between brand and consumer, creating a strong connection between the two. People love this format. It often happens that after watching corporate videos, clients become brand advocates.

2. Interview

Man giving TV interview

This type of video content is perfect for companies that often interact with experts in a particular industry. The main task in this video is to choose the right speaker and formulate the questions that interest your target audience. In this case, such a video format will work best for you.

3. Case

This format is most commonly used by B2B companies. It takes the form of a story about the key points and difficulties that a specialist faced while solving a specific problem. The main thing in a video case is that your story about the experience does not turn into direct advertising. Otherwise, it will drive away your customers.

4. How-To’s

Woman filming tutorial

How-to videos provide a good opportunity to present product information in a more interesting and engaging way. In this case, the content is often animated or illustrated, which makes it possible to better absorb new information. Explaining the meaning of terms from professional slang is a great opportunity to hook the audience and avoid direct advertising.

5. Reviews

This format is similar to how-to’s; the only difference is that the whole focus is on a specific product. Video reviews provide a detailed overview of product characteristics, technical specs, as well as advantages and disadvantages. It is often similar to a screencast that introduces and analyzes in detail the new features of a particular solution.

What Are the Strengths of Video Content?

The advantages of a video are obvious. Multimedia content engages a user a lot more than text. Video is more emotional and brings higher conversions. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the demand for video content is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you integrate videos into your marketing strategy.

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