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One of the challenges that I know our designer audience deals with is, really, the translation of the knowledge that they have in design into words, into copy, into stories. Have you had any successes that you can mention in that field?

“That’s my favorite part of design and my job. That’s what I love about my job; figuring out… and it happens, I don’t want to say every day, but most days, working with someone who using language and words is not their strong suit and helping them figure out how to express their strengths using my strength.

My favorite one, we had a UX researcher from Lithuania send in a post. And the research theory was genius. And the writing was difficult to understand. And it’s something that I spent a little while thinking about whether I should just thank her and not use it, or what we should do. And I ended up printing it, I’m sorry, to the trees, printing this post, sitting on my floor with scissors and rearranging it paragraph by paragraph, so that I could have the order done. Because it was like 10 pages printed. But it was so good. I knew if I could just crack it, it would be really good. But it needed that work. And I’m so happy with how it came out. It was one of my big wins of 2019, I think. Not even by the numbers, just for myself.”