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What were the best marketing channels Vito used, that had the biggest impact?
“I tested them all. So when we started this, we did the organic outreach and I think that’s the best way to start growing a bootstrap business from day one. That’s the same approach that I took with my own clients. And that’s the same approach I took my own business before that. So we went to LinkedIn, we went to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and just reached out to people. It got loads of traction before one of the guys just closed it, one of the admins closed it. But that was a huge boost for us as well at the beginning. So just doing cold outreach via organic methods, that’s the best way.
Now from there, I tracked everything and I learned what works and what doesn’t work so that I can put some money behind the things that do work. So while LinkedIn was amazing for us as an agency, it didn’t really do that well for us as a product. What worked best was actually Facebook compared to any other tool. On Facebook we’ve seen a little more than 50% signup rate, which is incredible from visitors coming from that platform compared to, for example, 8% coming from Instagram or we had like 17% from Twitter I think, that was kind of around the 17%.
So there was no doubt that Facebook is the marketing channel that we need to choose to scale this thing. And then we started doing Facebook ads, because we already had some traction, we got some revenue coming in from organic methods. And we accelerated this using scalable tools like ads. For us it was Facebook, but it doesn’t mean that it would be the same for everyone. You got to test what works for you for … Especially, when I was in the agency we had some customers that the best approach was doing partnerships. Another one was actually going networking and another one was doing Facebook ads and other one Google ads.
So it’s really kind of personal, and you got to test to see what works before you invest a lot of money into stuff. I’m sure you guys have done it. I see the Elementor ads everywhere I look and for me … I’m kind of feeling a bit of this a fanboy kind of experience with this thing because I was really looking at Elementor as the model of how to build a WordPress business fast. I think that what you guys have done hasn’t happened before anywhere else within the ecosystem.
So for me it was a great way to look at something that worked. I tried to break down and even funnel hack the way that you guys are doing things and looked at the ads. You can go into every Facebook page and look at the ads that they’re running. So that was a great place to start the research. Just go to not necessarily competitors, even though it’s good to see competitors. We’re not competing, but we have the same target audience. So I think that’s the better definition. Look for the same target audience as yours and see what they’re doing and try to learn and figure out from there how they’re marketing.”