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Testimonials are an essential part of a landing page. How should you go about getting the right testimonials that will help you generate more conversions?
“I wanted to add that to my WordCamp talk because I had these perfect testimonials by real people. And I know people in the audience were thinking, ‘Well, geez, that’s all very well, do I create fake ones?’ I mean, the easiest way to get a testimonial is you need to offer your product to free, to opinion leader. And also, guide them in the testimonial. And don’t say, ‘Hey, can you please write me a testimonial?’ Just say, ‘Hey, here’s my product. Please don’t send me a good testimonial if you don’t believe this product is good.’ Start there. And then go, ‘What I’m looking for in this testimonial is just if you could speak about your favorite feature in our product or service,’ or say, ‘Was there anything to do with time saving that you appreciated because that’s what I’m… we want to talk about time saving?’ If it’s not, then don’t mention it, but if it is.
So it’s about guiding that person. You really need to enforce opinion leaders within your niche. I always use an example like dog training. It’s just a classic in a landing page you would create… so you’re selling this course about dog training. And there’s that famous guy, he’s always on TV. I forget his name, but you would go straight there and try and get a testimonial from him. And if you can’t get him, try and get someone else. You’d search dog training on Twitter, and then find some people with a lot of followers, and then those are recognized within your niche, within your community, and then you need to have a really good photo of them, their name, how established are they. This is an award-winning dog trainer, and he thought that this was a very concise, well packed 30-minute course, you know what I mean.
So it’s about approaching those opinion leaders. But again, from the user’s point of view, if he sees an anonymous avatar, that gray head, and it says, ‘Outstanding service,’ and that person’s name is John Smith, it’s just a bad testimonial and a waste of space. It almost feels like a placeholder. So you need to ask yourself, that user, what kind of testimonial would they want to see? And if it’s dog training, maybe another dog owner, maybe a family of two, that could be your target audience, and you would say like, ‘This is Joe and Scott, and they have been dog owners for four years, or new dog owners, something like that.’ You need to think about who the audience that is trying to get out training videos. And you need to put yourselves in their head and then place those testimonials accordingly in the landing page.”