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Getting the first web design job wasn’t a profitable task but it helped Rob jumpstart his career: 
“So after I’d done this Udemy course I kind of knew how to build one website. So I approached my uncle back in Ireland. I gave him a call and I was like, ‘Look, can I build you a website? It’s going to help your business.’ So he was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ He’s like, ‘You build the website first. If it gets any sales, I’ll pay you.’ So I was like, ‘Okay.’ So spent a couple of weeks I think, coding this thing from scratch, built him the website, we put it online and it didn’t get like any sales, it didn’t get any results, which looking back now I can really obviously see why that was but at the time I just expected if you threw a website online that it was going to work. So even though putting all this time, it didn’t get any sales and my uncle was basically like, ‘Okay look, thanks, but I’m not going to give you any money.’ So my first job was a complete wash.
I worked on Upwork for probably like three, four months doing all these small little jobs. I think everyone kind of knows how Upwork goes, you’re underbidding, basically begging for work. I was able to get some work, it was like $100, $150 jobs and it would take me like a week, or two weeks, or sometimes even more, which luckily at the time in Colombia I was living in this place that was so basic. Basically, there wasn’t even hot water or anything. So my cost of living was super low so I was able to survive in that for a while and eventually, I just got really burnt out with the Upwork stuff. People were pushing way too hard for how much money they’re paying. I had this one job with this kid, he had this app, he must have been like 14, basically asking for unlimited changes on this project. Eventually, I was like, ‘All right, I’m just quitting Upwork, I can’t do this.’
So I was looking around and I was thinking, okay, I can build an okay website, but the people I’ve been approaching are not paying me that much money. So I needed to find somebody who would pay more, that’s going to get more value from the website than in building it. So at the time I had been doing some stuff with my Canadian visa, looking at possibly coming back and my lawyer in Canada, she had a really bad website but a really good business and she was always talking about, ‘Oh, we’re getting so many people applying and right now Canada’s so busy.’ 
I was like, all right, here’s a woman who’s making a lot of money. What she sells is at a high price, visa service is like $2,000, $3,000. She needs booking systems, she needs a better sales system. She was my own lawyer so I already had a good relationship, which is definitely a good way to start off when you’re trying to get work with some real businesses. So, Roxanne is her name actually. So with Roxanne we already had been talking back and forth. We had a bit of a rapport between us. So one of the calls I just said, ‘Look Roxanne, I actually … I know on the visa stuff I’ve been talking about the fact that I’m an oil engineer, because you got to apply through a certain category. So I wasn’t putting down that I was an amateur web designer. I was putting down that I was an oil engineer but with Roxanne I just told her, “Look, I do a bit of web stuff. Would you be interested in me trying to fix the website and maybe I can help with these sort of things?’
She was like so onboard, highly enthusiastic, and she’s like, ‘Okay, how much would something like this cost?’. Because she was charging me I think like two and a half to three thousand for the visa, I said, look, ‘Would you be okay with $2,000 to pay for this?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, definitely. That’s sounds like a bargain.’ I just couldn’t believe it for that. One sale had happened in a few minutes.”