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Since 2015, the Art Academy restaurant from the Italian island of Sardinia is the go-to destination for anyone who wants to spend an evening immersed in an environment with a refined design and a pleasantly welcoming atmosphere. This concept is present in every detail, starting from its post-industrial design, characterized by warm materials such as iron and wood. The cuisine, on the other hand, reflects the intersection and the reinterpretation of two different culinary traditions: Brazilian and Mediterranean. 

Art Academy’s site appears simple and pleasant at first glance, but once you dig a little deeper, you begin to understand the concept behind the design. The restaurant strikes a fine balance between modern and traditional in its design and dining style,  and this is also reflected in the site design. 

The appetizing culinary photographs of traditional dishes with modern presentation, the simple and classic structure of the site, juxtaposed with the geometric sans-serif font (Circular), along with the classy, delicate combination of mustard yellow with the white and gray areas, creating an equilibrium between classic and modern.

The icons, familiar to the eye from menus of the original dining industry, have been updated to modern icons with clean lines. Designing the logo according to the same structure was a smart choice, and the decision to animate it while loading the pages even more so. This commonality causes the logo to register in our minds (You can see the comparison between the logo and the structure on their Concept page).

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