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Festivart is an independent art festival based in Loutraki, Greece. Its main purpose is to create a common communication field of research and action, both for the public and artists, as well as creators. In its sixth edition, the Festivart continues its research activity, considering the public space as a place of communication and reception of contemporary art by organizing workshops, installations, and interactive projects in the city of Loutraki.
Festivart’s theme is visible throughout their website, exhibiting an experimental, outside-the-box, brutalist, and daring approach. The designer did not shy away from breaking the boundaries, literally; there is no visible grid, each section has its own design language, and images are intentionally unaligned. They use different video art works, 80’s and 90’s animations (Tetris for example), gifs, and images, as well as bold and contrasting colors. Controversial as it may be, we loved this site, and we believe it should be viewed in its entirety (the Germans actually have a word for it: “Gesamtkunstwerk”).
Design: Elsa Sturm
Development: Spyros Ntanos