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OOW is a Berlin-based architecture firm with a highly focused approach to design, attitude & vision. It’s a “people” business.

The logo is based on the frame design of a pair of glasses sported by one of the partners. As such, it welcomes visitors and brings a smile to their faces. The studio photos of the two partners were carefully executed to showcase the great work relationship that clearly thrives between them. The logo and the glasses themselves are well-connected with the modern rounded sans-serif font chosen by the designer. 

The homepage includes a number of selected projects, with different motion effects, creating an interesting transition between the projects. 

The office employees also get their focus, which gives us a sense of family and attention to every single employee. The navigation menu is simple and efficient. Accessing it is done by clicking a small triangle in the top left corner — a hint to the triangular or square ruler, so common in the world of architecture.

Unsurprisingly, this site shows no lack of thought and creativity in the project pages. Investing effort in the design of a homepage, then hardly any effort in the rest of the site’s pages, is a mistake that many designers unfortunately make.

Design: Jeferson Brito

Development: Julia Marquardt

Theme: Hello

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