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Misha (Mikhail) is a multidisciplinary artist — graphic designer, web developer, creative director, and photographer — who took part in local and international projects in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Argentina, France, Russia, and the USA. Born in the former USSR, he decided to try his luck and look for new horizons, moving to Europe. Misha’s work in the digital sector has been combined with a passion for photography for more than a decade, illustrating alternative events, and portraying musicians and artists.

In line with his background, rather than using a simple language plugin, Misha targets his audience in three different languages simultaneously, while building the design around it. He puts himself at the center as if he is the main project. The transition between projects on the project page feels like a transition between different worlds, where each project has its own unique color. The only line connecting them is the text that appears on the left, where Misha tells us about his part in the project. 

The photos page managed to surprise us. Although this is a page dedicated to photo galleries, we actually come across a typographically designed page and when the visitor hovers over the text, the gallery’s main image is revealed to us — sort of a nice voyeuristic game, and a refreshing approach to presenting content in the world of photography.

Design & Development: Mikhail Morozov

Theme: GeneratePress

Plugins: JetElements, JetSearch, JetTabs, JetTricks, Elementor Extras