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As an Elementor Pro user, you have a set amount of licenses you can connect to Elementor sites. Now you can set up a dedicated staging subdomain that has one of the following names below. For example, if your site is, then using will not be considered a license use:

TLD (Top-level Domain) that are not considered as a license: 

*.dev (

*.local (example.local)

*.staging (example.staging)

*.test (example.test)

*.example (example.example)

*.invalid (example.invalid)

Subdomains that are not considered as a license:

dev.* (

local.* (

test.* (

staging.* (

This will allow you to install the latest versions, try out new features and test your site’s functionality safely, before you apply the changes on your live site.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and see this as a way to improve your work processes with Elementor. If you feel a specific TLD or subdomain is missing, please let us know in the comments.