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We strongly believe that all this would not have happened had it not been for Elementor’s active and loyal community members — millions of users from around the world in more than 52 languages and dozens of local community pages, dedicated to sharing, inspiring, and supporting each other in the community. We’re sending our heartfelt gratitude to you, the Elementors!
For outsiders, 3 million is just a number. For members of our community, this achievement is the result of the vast value each community member gets. For those of you who did not join our community yet, or still sitting on the fence, we encourage you to visit our community’s Facebook page to understand what makes it so unique and live.
So what does it mean to reach 3 million users, for you, the user?
From the very beginning, we have considered Elementor a product, which can conquer the world, and our company as a growing company that thinks long-term. The more we grow, the greater our responsibility for users. First and foremost, this means continuing to expand Elementor as the market leader in the most effective and fun way to build websites. We will continue to lead with innovative features that will allow you and your business to thrive.
In addition, we believe that the reason we have reached so many users and love us is that we are in close contact with our users. We will continue to strengthen this relationship with the continued development of our community, the expansion of meetups, the release of our weekly magazine and Monday Masterclassall other ways that help us communicate with you.
We want to thank you again for the support. What do you say, will we reach 4 million active installations by the end of the year? Give your predictions and blessings in the comments!
Elementor Team