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How to Get Email Notification for Post Changes in WordPress

Do you want to get email notifications for post changes in WordPress? By default, WordPress [...]

WordPress Accessibility Checker Review: WAVE and WCAG Plugin

Is your WordPress site accessible to people with disabilities? If you don’t know the answer, [...]

GenerateBlocks review: A new way to build fast WordPress sites (no code)

The powerhouse team behind the popular GeneratePress WordPress theme has launched a new plugin: GenerateBlocks. It’s [...]

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How to Track User Journey on WordPress Lead Forms

Do you want to track user journey on WordPress lead forms? Tracking user journey allows [...]

8 Best Popular Posts Plugins for WordPress (Compared)

Are you looking for a way to show popular posts on your WordPress website? Displaying [...]

8 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins for Galleries, Feeds + More (2020)

Searching for the best WordPress YouTube plugins to embed videos, feeds, or galleries on your [...]

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Challenges In Growing A WordPress Plugin Business Without Growing A Team

My name is Milan, and I am the owner of Dev4Press, a company dedicated to [...]

James Kemp Doubled ‘IconicWP’ Revenues In Less Than A Year By Leveraging Various Freemius Features

A very exciting interview is in store, as this time we get caught up with [...]

How Barn2media More Than Tripled Their WordPress Plugins Sales Without Spending More Time On Support

Katie Keith and her husband Andy co-founded Barn2Media in late 2009. Initially dedicated to designing [...]

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