The WebSite Owner’s Guide to DNS Propagation (2020 Edition)

Short for Domain Name System, DNS is the address of every page on the Web. [...]

How Kinsta Designed the Fastest WordPress Hosting Experience

In 2016, our team set out to make Kinsta’s already high-performance WordPress hosting even faster. [...]

How To Create Free Domain Email Using Zoho Mail in Next 7 Minutes

A few years back Google apps used to be my choice of service for creating [...]

How to Save Money on WebHosting Renewals for WordPress Blogs

Web hosting is one of those essential investments that every blogger has to make every month to [...]

10 Best Video Hosting Solutions to Consider in 2020 (Free vs Paid)

As one of the biggest marketing trends in 2019, video alone will make up over [...]

Scaling Kinsta to a Global WordPress Hosting Platform in 2019

Wow, we can’t believe it’s almost the beginning of a new decade. This has been [...]

How to Install ionCube Loader (Step by Step Tutorial)

If you need to encrypt PHP code in your application then a very popular choice [...]

[Exclusive] Web Hosting Black Friday Discounts For Bloggers: 2019 Edition

Black Friday is right around the corner & all online companies have started offering their [...]

Doing the Unimaginable – Kinsta Is Boosting Performance for Everyone up to 200%

The performance of your WordPress sites has always been a top priority for our team. [...]

How to Fix the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Error (Step by Step)

Are you seeing the “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT” error in your browser? Not a very helpful error message, [...]

WordPress for Nonprofits: Best Themes, Plugins, and Tools to Empower Your Project

WordPress for nonprofits? Well, it’s probably the most popular platform among such organizations. For starters, [...]

[Deal Alert] BlueHost Hosting Coupon: Save 66% + Free Domain

Bluehost Webhosting is officially recommended by WordPress hosting page, and it’s the best choice for [...]

2019 Performance Benchmarks – Kinsta is Top Tier, 5 Years in a Row

Review Signal has released its annual 2019 WordPress hosting performance benchmarks, and we’re ecstatic that five [...]

Cheap WordPress Hosting Costs 30x More Than You Think (See the Math)

As someone who has been in the web hosting industry for years, specifically WordPress hosting, [...]

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Why Trying to Be a Sysadmin to Save $20/Month Is a Bad Idea

Time and time again we see users on forums and social media complaining that managed [...]

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