How to Fix the 504 Gateway Timeout Error on Your WordPress Site

The 504 Gateway Timeout error is one of the most common HTTP 5xx errors faced [...]

What’s the Average PHP Developer Salary? Deep Dive into Data for 2020

PHP development: some consider it a popular language with a promising future, others an outdated [...]

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15 Best Image File Types (Pros vs Cons + Use Cases for Each Format)

Choosing the right image file types might seem like a trivial decision. But human beings [...]

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The WordPress Hooks Bootcamp: How to Use Actions, Filters, and Custom Hooks

WordPress Hooks are one of the most important tools to have in a WordPress developer’s [...]

What’s New in PHP 8 (Features, Improvements, and the JIT Compiler)

PHP 8 is expected to be released in December 2020 and will bring us a [...]

WordPress Debug: A Complete Guide (Plus Other Helpful Tools)

In a perfect world, you’d never have a single issue that required debugging. But in [...]

What Is the Average Web Developer Salary? Here’s What Data Says for 2020

Looking to become a web developer or curious about what subtypes of the job pay [...]

26 Popular SSH Commands for WordPress Users to Start Using in 2020

Using SSH with WordPress can be one of the most secure and convenient methods of [...]

12 Best Code Review Tools for Developers (2020 Edition)

Code review is a part of the software development process which involves testing the source [...]

How to Do a WordPress Migration on Your Own (with No Downtime)

Migrating a WordPress site is something you may have to do at some point. Maybe [...]

WordPress get_posts: How to Use This Useful PHP Function to Build Lists of Posts

WordPress get_posts is a powerful function allowing developers to retrieve pieces of content from the [...]

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress (Extended Guide)

You’ve been running your WordPress site for a while and it’s been doing what you [...]

7 Easy Ways to Check Disk Usage in WordPress (Find Large Files & Data)

There is no such thing as “unlimited” disk space or bandwidth when it comes to [...]

How to Fix the 405 Method Not Allowed Error on Your WordPress Site

If someone comes across an error page on your site, there’s a good chance they’ll [...]

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