New Video Series – Experts Corner, Round I

Last February, I was supposed to attend my first WordCamp. I was really thrilled about [...]

WordPress Contributor Andy Fragen Shares His Experience as a Trauma Surgeon During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last weekend I had the opportunity to interview Andy Fragen, a longtime member of the [...]

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WordCamp Spain 2020 Q&A: Matt Mullenweg Discusses Virtual Events, Decoupled WordPress, and the Future of Page Builders

Matt Mullenweg joined Matías Ventura at WordCamp Spain yesterday for a lively Q&A session. The [...]

10 Best Video Hosting Solutions to Consider in 2020 (Free vs Paid)

As one of the biggest marketing trends in 2019, video alone will make up over [...]

Freemius is Getting into Video Content – This is Why You Should Too

1981 was the year when MTV exploded into the world. The introduction of music videos [...]

Adam Jacob Advocates for Building Healthy OSS Communities in “The War for the Soul of Open Source”

Chef co-founder and former CTO Adam Jacob gave a short presentation at O’Reilly Open Source [...]

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How to Have a $100k+ WordPress Product Launch

Have you ever heard of a WordPress plugin (or theme) that made over $100,000 in [...]

Learn How to Build a Headless WordPress App with WPCasts’ Free Crash Course

Alex Young, creator of the WPCasts video tutorials site, has published a free crash course [...]

Starting a Video Blog? Here are the Best Premium Video & Video Blogging WordPress Themes

If you are thinking about video blogging today, you are in for a treat! Video [...]

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53 Flat WordPress Themes In Bright And Juicy Colors 2019

When you start thinking about the most popular and modern design trend nowadays, the first [...]

18 Best Videographer WordPress Themes For Videographer’s Portfolio 2019

In this modern era where technology is fast-paced, you need to be equipped with skills, [...]

Stunning WordPress Video Themes For Embedded and Self-Hosted Videos 2019

The list of the best WordPress video themes to create the next Youtube, Vimeo or [...]

Celebrate Earth Day by Learning about Environmentally Friendly Web Development on

Today is Earth Day, a worldwide annual event first celebrated in 1970 that focuses on [...]

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