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How To Maximize Google Analytics Metrics as a Web Designer — Takeaways From Our Webinar With Andy Crestodina

Andy explains that it is poor practice to launch a website without first looking up [...]

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Elementor Team Writes: How to Create a Shrinking Sticky Header With Elementor

In a new column, our employees share their knowledge, practices, and insights with you. This [...]

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Why Do You Need Stage Server(s) for your WordPress Website?

Generally, activating WordPress plugins for eCommerce stores and other websites have the risk of compatibility [...]

How to Communicate the Need for Web Accessibility to Your Clients

Web accessibility is increasingly important in today’s online environment. Unfortunately, it’s still an area many [...]

Your Guide to Creating WordPress Website Templates (In 5 Steps)

If you develop WordPress websites for clients, chances are you find yourself doing many of [...]

WordPress Security Guide: How to Harden and Protect Your Websites

Today, websites face an increasing number of security threats. Mitigating these risks can feel overwhelming, [...]

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How to Use Regular Monthly Reports to Showcase Your Value To Clients

You work hard to provide quality products and services to your WordPress clients. Unfortunately, they [...]

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Your Comprehensive Guide to Conducting a WordPress SEO Audit

Developing a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your WordPress site can help you [...]

3 Reasons Developers Should Consider Open-Source Projects

It’s easy to take open-source projects such as WordPress for granted. However, these platforms rely [...]

Why Having a Secondary Backup Is a Good Idea (And How to Create One)

There’s a common saying that ‘anything worth doing is worth doing twice.’ That’s certainly true [...]

How to Audit & Cleanup WordPress Plugins & Themes

In an interview with Smashing Magazine, Sucuri CoFounder Tony Perez was asked the following question. What [...]

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