WP Armour Plugin: Tested & Proven Solution to Tackle Bot Comment Problem

Listen audio version WordPress comments are dying! I’m tired of automated bot comments! I’m tired [...]

WP Armour Anti Spam Plugin: Hassle-Free Bot Filtering

Comment sections, forums, and other forms on your WordPress site are not only helpful for [...]

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How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments (Built-In Features, Spam Plugins, Captcha, and WAF)

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How to Prevent Spam On Your WordPress Site (And Why It Matters)

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How to Build Trust With Your WordPress Site’s Users (5 Key Tips)

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8 Must-Have Client Site Features

When you hand over a project, your client expects to receive a fully-functioning WordPress site [...]

6 Best WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins to Stop Spammers in Their Tracks

By the latest numbers, WordPress powers about one-third of all the websites on the Internet. [...]

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Straight to the Junk Folder: Spam Words to Avoid in Email Marketing

I have a terrible habit of checking my spam folder every day – I don’t [...]

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