GoDaddy’s ‘Go’ WordPress Theme Offers a Page-Building Experience via the Block Editor

GoDaddy launched its Go WordPress theme last week. It has been publicly available through its [...]

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Gutenberg Can Tackle the Problems the Fields API Tried to Solve

The Fields API. Never heard of it? That’s OK. Outside of the inner development community, [...]

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Blocksy WordPress Theme Provides a Solid Block-Editor Experience

Screenshot of the Blocksy theme blog posts page. Creative Themes dropped version 1.6.8 of its [...]

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Themes of the Future: A Design Framework and a Master Theme

WordPress theming has a rich history. Over the years, theme authors have brought a plethora [...]

Curated List of Featured Themes Coming to the Theme Directory

Themes are the face of WordPress. Like it or not, the average user is more [...]

Inside Look at GoDaddy’s Onboarding Process for Managed WordPress Hosting

The Tavern was provided access to test GoDaddy’s onboarding process, which is a part of [...]

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Rosa 2 Restaurant Theme Provides a Frustrating and Satisfying Experience

Rosa 2 is the sequel to Pixelgrade’s best-selling theme, Rosa. The new theme re-imagines its [...]

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How Many WordPress Plugins Should You Install? What’s too many?

We are often asked by readers about how many WordPress plugins should they install on [...]

Rebirth of Creativity: Gutenberg and the Future of WordPress Themes

I began using WordPress in 2005. I’d already been learning HTML and CSS for a [...]

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