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Filebird Review: Add Folders to the WordPress Media Library

Struggling to organize your WordPress Media Library? When you first launch your site, it’s easy [...]

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How to Organize WordPress Files in Media Library Folders

Do you want to organize WordPress files in the media library folders? By default, WordPress [...]

HappyFiles Review: Organize your WordPress Files like a Boss

It’s no secret that adding media files like images and videos can make all the [...]

How to Organize Media Uploads by Users in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to keep media files uploaded by users separate from other users? [...]

How to Rename Images and Media Files in WordPress

Ever wanted to change an image file name after uploading it to WordPress? Image file [...]

How to Regenerate Thumbnails and Crop Images in WordPress

As web designers and developers, we know how important it is to have the right [...]

How to Connect Your WordPress Media Library to OneDrive

Ever wished that you could store some or all of your WordPress site’s media files [...]

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Mediamatic Review: Add Folders to the WordPress Media Library

There’s a lot to like about WordPress, but the WordPress Media Library isn’t always the [...]

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How to Get the URL of Images You Upload in WordPress

Do you want to find the link or URL of images you upload in WordPress? [...]

DAM for Dummies: Digital Asset Management for WordPress

This article proves you with a general overview of digital asset management (DAM) solutions before [...]

The Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins

Nowadays, very few websites contain only text. A fair amount of screen space is devoted [...]

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