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How to Use GTmetrix Speed Test Tool + Improve Your GTmetrix PageSpeed Score on WordPress

If you want to improve your WordPress site’s performance, you need to know where you’re [...]

An Introduction to Parcel.js, the No-Config Web Application Bundler

This post is your introduction to Parcel.js, the self-proclaimed “blazing fast, zero configuration web application [...]

Mobile Website Speed Test Didn’t Go Well? Here Are 10 Ways to Improve Mobile Page Speed ?️

(Charts by Visualizer.) If you want to keep mobile page speed issues from standing in [...]

How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites (Do It the Easy Way With These 5 Tools)

Managing a single website is a tough gig; running several ones at once can be [...]

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How to Build Your Own Website: 2 Ways to Do It Even if You’re a Beginner ?

The question of how to build your own website is something that many people struggle [...]

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A Vue.js Tutorial for Beginner Developers: Learn the Basics and Use This Starter Vue Structure

Whenever you start using new technologies in your development flow, you might feel at least [...]

6 Steps How to Move WordPress to a New Server or Host (With No Downtime)

Trying to move WordPress to a new server or host can be an intimidating task, [...]

How to Create a WordPress Multilingual Site: Considerations + Step-by-Step Tutorial

Searching for the best way to create a WordPress multilingual site? Well – spoiler alert [...]

A Gutenberg Tutorial for Beginner Developers: Create Your First Block Plugin

If you’re thinking of developing anything for WordPress in 2019, ignoring Gutenberg is simply not [...]

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