Top 28 Best Free jQuery Map Plugins To Create An Interactive Map For Your Website – 2019

jQuery has been around for over a decade now. The platform enables front-end developers and [...]

Top 16 Tools for Creating and Sharing Presentations Online

Of all the available methods to share content, presentations have definitely risen above many. While [...]

Google Launches Effort to Make Robots Exclusion Protocol an Internet Standard, Open Sources Robots.txt Parser

Website owners have been excluding web crawlers using the Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) on robots.txt [...]

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How to Add a Store Locator to Your WordPress Site (No Code Needed)

If you have a business with one or more physical locations, adding a WordPress store [...]

25 Best Google Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes For Blog, Magazine and Business Websites 2019

Adsense optimization is a great way to boost your click-through rate, by engineering little details [...]

Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers 2019

Google Chrome is the most recognized web browser there is, and not because it’s built [...]

WordPress AMP Plugin Version 1.2 Introduces Gutenberg-powered AMP Stories Editor

Google released version 1.2 of its official AMP plugin for WordPress ahead of WordCamp Europe [...]

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Google Adds New Desktop/Mobile Selector to the Rich Results Testing Tool

Google’s rich results testing tool has been updated to include a selector for desktop or [...]

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Google Updates Mobile Search Results to Include Website Branding

Google is rolling out an update to mobile search results that includes website branding. The [...]

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