Google Analytics

Just What is Data Analytics, Anyway?

No matter what kind of website you run, you’re doing to be digging into data [...]

How to Block Referrer Spam in Google Analytics (Clean up Your Reports)

Whether you like it or not, spam is a big part of the internet. Some [...]

What are UTM Codes in Digital Marketing & How To Use It? (Free Template)

Do you know using UTM tags will make you a better digital marketer? If you [...]

How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals for Your WordPress Site

Do you want to track key metrics like email signups or sales for your site? [...]

Measure your social media efforts with UTM tags

Hanneke Beers Hanneke is a junior content marketeer at Yoast. She works for both the [...]

MonsterInsights Review – Features, Pricing & Is It Really Worth it?

Have you heard of the MonsterInsights plugin? If not, grab a cup of coffee, as [...]

How WordPress Users Can Opt Out of Google Analytics Tracking

Data is the new gold. Almost every website and app collects at least some information [...]

How to Use a Heatmap to Improve Your Website’s Overall Quality

Heatmaps can be extremely useful tools. They enable you to track user behavior on your [...]

Top Seven Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress (2020)

Home / Plugins / Top Seven Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress (2020) By Colin [...]

How to Track WordPress Category and Tag Analytics (Easy Way)

Do you wish to track the WordPress category and tag analytics? By default, most website [...]

How to See the Keywords People Use to Find Your WordPress Site

Do you want to see the keywords people use to find your WordPress website? Keywords [...]

Everyday website optimization: 6 tasks for your daily SEO routine

Many of you log into your site every day, or, at the very least, once [...]

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