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How to Reveal Your Global Header While Scrolling Up & Hide While Scrolling Down with Divi

When you’re creating your global header, there are many things you need to take into [...]

How to Create a Recipe Card Template with the Divi Theme Builder

Food bloggers and recipe creators know how important it is to have a consistent look [...]

How to Create an Animated Promo Bar to Page Templates in Divi

Creating an animated promo bar for your page template in Divi can be a great [...]

How to Create a Rotated Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder

Ever since the Divi Theme Builder has come out, we’ve tried to guide you through [...]

How to Shrink Your Global Header’s Size When Scrolling with Divi’s Theme Builder

When you’re designing a fixed global header, you might want to shrink the header’s height [...]

How to Create a Global Transparent Floating Menu Bar with Divi’s Theme Builder

Looking for a way to put your global header on top of your pages’ hero [...]

How to Create a 404 Page Template with Divi’s Theme Builder

Divi’s Theme Builder and the built-in design options have opened a ton of new doors. [...]

How to Creatively Feature Popular Products on Your Divi Landing Page

When showing popular products on a landing page, it’s not only important to choose the [...]

How to Create a Site-Wide Woo Product Page Template with Divi’s Theme Builder

Divi’s new Theme Builder automates the way we build our Divi websites. When designing product [...]

Download a Beautiful Fullscreen Product Page for Divi

Since the WooCommerce Modules have become part of Divi, we’ve shown you a couple of [...]

How to Toggle Between Images in a Stunning Divi Split Section Design

Interactive designs can make any website shine. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to [...]

How to Create a WooCommerce Account Page with a Featured Product Section for Logged-In Users

Divi’s Woo Modules can be helpful for showcasing a featured product section anywhere on your [...]

How to Create Elegant Split-Image Product Info Sections with Divi

Getting creative with images can definitely help draw attention to your CTAs. In this post, [...]

How to Blend Images to Create a Custom Background Design in Divi

Blending multiple images can be helpful for creating professional background designs for your website. The [...]

Creating a Polaroid Hero Section with Divi’s Transform Options

Creative hero sections make websites memorable and special. This polaroid hero section design evokes a [...]

4 Animated Scroll Buttons for Your Divi Site’s Hero Section (and How to Create Them)

Animated Scroll buttons have a simple yet important job of grabbing a users attention and [...]

How to Create a Spinning Menu Wheel on Hover

Creating a spinning menu wheel on hover is a fun way to showcase helpful links [...]

How to Create a Vibrant Hover Team Page for Your Next Divi Project

Team pages are often underestimated. Before purchasing a product or hiring a service, many users [...]

How to Create Overlapping Columns with Divi’s Column & Transform Options

In one of the latest Divi updates, we added some pretty amazing controls to columns [...]

Creating Custom Column Side-Navigation for One-Pagers with Divi

When you decide to create a one-pager, the navigation user experience becomes entirely different. Although [...]

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