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Download a FREE Classic Typewriter-Inspired Blog Post Template for Divi

Looking for a classic but creative way to display blog posts on your website? If [...]

How to Design a Welcome Gate for Your Page in Divi

A welcome gate is an effective way to boost conversions of any call to action [...]

Get a FREE Barber Shop Layout Pack for Divi

Hey Divi Nation! Thanks for joining us for the next installment of our weekly Divi [...]

How to Design a Dynamic Author Box for Your Blog Post Template with Divi

Mentioning the post author in your blog posts is essential. Now, with Divi’s Theme Builder [...]

How to Automatically Add a Bottom-Page Contact Form to All Pages with Divi’s Theme Builder

When you’re busy setting up all pages you want to include on your website, chances [...]

How to Style Divi’s Comments Module Inside a Blog Post Template

Designing a blog post template is pretty easy with the Divi theme builder. But there’s [...]

How to Dynamically Add a Coupon Code Bar to Specific Product Pages with Divi

When you’re running an online shop you’ve made with Divi and WooCommerce, you’ll occasionally want [...]

How to Automatically Place Your Header Below Each Page’s First Divi Section

Ever since the Divi Theme Builder has come out, we’ve been sharing tutorials on how [...]

How to Add Dynamic URLs to Your CTAs with Divi & ACF

When creating your website structure, chances are high that you’ll want to include the same [...]

How to Add Two Side-by-Side Buttons to Your Divi Global Header

Having clear calls to action on your pages is a necessity for most websites. And [...]

How to Create a Dynamic Careers Job Listing Section with Divi’s Blog Module

In a previous Divi tutorial, we’ve shown you how to create a completely dynamic open [...]

How to Create a Dynamic Job Opening Post Template with Divi’s Theme Builder & ACF

When you’re using the Divi Theme Builder in combination with dynamic content, you’ll quickly find [...]

How to Create a Dynamic Portfolio Project Template with Divi & ACF

Looking for a way to streamline the way you create portfolio items on your website? [...]

How to Animate Your Global Header with Divi

Your header is one of the most important parts of your website. It connects your [...]

How to Dynamically Create a Simple UX-Friendly Blog Post Template with Divi

When sharing new blog posts on your website, it’s important to make the reading experience [...]

How to Create a Mobile Collapsing Nested Menu with Divi’s Theme Builder

A while back, we shared a mobile menu hack that helps you create a collapsing [...]

How to Reveal Your Global Header While Scrolling Up & Hide While Scrolling Down with Divi

When you’re creating your global header, there are many things you need to take into [...]

How to Create a Recipe Card Template with the Divi Theme Builder

Food bloggers and recipe creators know how important it is to have a consistent look [...]

How to Create an Animated Promo Bar to Page Templates in Divi

Creating an animated promo bar for your page template in Divi can be a great [...]

How to Create a Rotated Global Header with Divi’s Theme Builder

Ever since the Divi Theme Builder has come out, we’ve tried to guide you through [...]

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