Divi Layout Block

How to Use Global Presets with Divi Layout Blocks to Streamline Blog Post Design

Creating content for your blog is hard enough without having to worry about design. That’s [...]

How to Build a Clickable Table of Contents for a Blog Post with the Divi Layout Block

Adding a clickable table of contents to a blog post is a great way to [...]

How to Build Reusable Image Layout Blocks for Adding Divi-Styled Images to Gutenberg Posts

Divi’s Layout Block can be used as a reusable image layout block for adding Divi-styled [...]

How to Create a Reusable Divi Layout Block for Gutenburg Blog Posts

The Divi Layout Block continues to be a useful ugrade to the Divi Theme, allowing [...]

How to Add a Divi Email Optin to Your Gutenburg Blog Post

The Divi Layout Block opens the door for many convenient ways to bring the powerful [...]

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