Gutenberg 10.6 Adds Duotone Filters, Query Pattern Carousel, and Most-Used Tags Selector

The Gutenberg development team has taken massive strides in the latest release. Version 10.6 of [...]

Accessibility Advocates Sign Open Letter Urging People Not To Use AccesiBe and Other Overlay Products

AccessiBe and other similar tools are coming under fire after more than 400 accessibility advocates [...]

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Google Analytics Will Track Data Without Cookies via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Google announces several updates that will help provide site owners and advertisers with relevant data [...]

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New WooCommerce Hosting for Large, High-Value eCommerce Stores

Built specifically to drive growth at scale for larger businesses, WP Engine marks a key [...]

How to Stack Sticky Headings on Scroll for Unique Anchor Link Navigation in Divi

Divi’s sticky options continue to open doors for new design and functionality. In this tutorial, [...]

How to Use JavaScript to Automate SEO (With Scripts) via @sejournal, @jlhernando

Programming and automation are increasingly popular topics in the SEO industry, and rightfully so.Leveraging new [...]

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5 Clever Ways Brands Are Using Instagram Live via @sejournal, @ashleymadhatter

In March of 2020, the unimaginable took place – Instagram Live really took off for [...]

Try This PPC Strategy for Protecting & Building Your Brand via @sejournal, @GrpTwentySeven

When your business is killing it with sales from your PPC program, it’s tempting to [...]

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13 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know via @sejournal, @JuliaEMcCoy

Facebook has always been a feature-heavy app. For some, that’s great.But for the rest of [...]

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WordPress 5.7.2 Patches a Critical Vulnerability via @sejournal, @martinibuster

A WordPress vulnerability rated as critical has been patched. The patch is applied to WordPress [...]

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Why You Need to Enter the U.S. Search Awards Now via @sejournal, @WeAreSearch

This post was sponsored by We Are Search. The opinions expressed in this article are [...]

WordPress Autoptimize Plugin Vulnerability Affects +1 Million Sites via @sejournal, @martinibuster

WordPress optimization plugin Autoptimize recently updated to fix a Stored XSS vulnerability. Publishers who use [...]

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WordPress Layout Terms Demystified (Quick Reference)

Are you trying to understand what WordPress layout terms mean? Many beginners come across WordPress [...]

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